Cheri Mclean

Cheri has been a fitness instructor for a decade now, with a burning passion to aid others in self discovery and deepening their understanding and appreciation of their bodies as a whole.
She has formally studied Women & Gender studies, Psychology, Environmental Studies, Humanities, Global Studies, and Natural Science. She continues to expand her knowledge currently in the realms of sacred sound, psychical rehab, and quantum physics.
She is Currently living in California where she continues her work and practice through aiding her father with his rehabilitation after his stroke, and working with the adaptive community.
Having Worked in multiple arenas of wellness, participating in various ceremonies and vision quests, one thing has become most clear, is that we, as a wholesome being, thrive best when consciously exploring and developing the 7 dimensions of wellness within ourselves. Those dimensions being; physical, emotional, social, intellectual, occupational, environmental, and spiritual. Her aim is to offer others the foundational perspective of how to build a consistent sense of exceptional wellness that can coexist in within any environment one finds themselves in.


Cheri Mclean will be sharing The 7 Dimensions of Wellness.