Cass Estes

Cass Estes

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Moon Child. Outdoor Lover. Fierce Mother.
Space Holder. Shadow Seeker. Spiritual Explorer.
River Runner. Intuitive Dreamer. Creative Force. She/Her

I am here to explore the beauty of our human experience through connection and community. To listen & learn, laugh & cry, heal & grow, wander & be still.

I am passionate about pleasure and helping people thrive. My work as a coach combines neurobiology, shamanic healing, and holistic embodiment practices; blended with ancient wisdom & teachings. The work is based in an understanding that all of us are sensual beings with a tremendous capacity for love and connection. Breath work, pleasure practices, meditation, energy work, sounding, and movement are combined in a transformational process that is rooted in deep self-love and acceptance. This method recognizes and supports that human beings thrive by regularly experiencing states of ecstasy, surrender, conscious connection, and wild freedom.

In addition to coaching, creativity is a central part of my life’s work. I have a deep love for the beauty that surrounds us and the items we engage with every day. The way we adorn ourselves, the vessels we eat from, the materials and furniture in our homes, the way we interact and express who we are on the outside. Creating from a place of intention, inviting a journey of discovery and surrendering to the guidance of our intuition; we can tap into a source greater than ourselves.

I spent my childhood moving between the homegrown community of Eugene, Oregon and the spiritual mountain kingdom of Kathmandu, Nepal. Traveling and learning feed my soul. My work and studies have included: river ranger and outdoor experience guide, dreamwork and shamanism, fashion and design, breath work and embodiment coach. I am a single mother of an amazing little goddess and feel blessed to call Hood River, Oregon our home. I invite you to connect with me via my website or Instagram @estescassandra

Cass Estes will be sharing Rawhide Rattles.