Caitlin Deane

Caitlin Deane

Vessel :: A hollow container used for holding liquids or other contents; a person into whom some quality is infused or received. A vessel is not just something waiting to be filled defined by its negative space, but rather a conduit for energy or transportation. Vessels carry important fluids throughout our bodies, giving us life force. As humans we are vessels, taking in the world through our senses both seen and unseen with the ability to channel ideas, create, and express.

Caitlin is a vessel maker and lover of earth-based crafts. After receiving her BFA in Ceramics from MICA in 2012, she left the east coast to pursue the vastness of the Mojave Desert, an education in natural building, and a career in production pottery.

Her discovery of clay and its endless possibilities opened a path for her to develop a reverence towards local and natural materials. Over the past 7 years, this reverence inspired Caitlin to study wilderness skills and ancestral arts that help her connect more deeply with others and the world around her.

Crafting with gourds has recently become a natural evolution of Caitlin’s ceramic work and deepens her practice of creating with intention. Some of her other passions include basket weaving, wet felting, hide tanning, hiking, cooking, and singing.

Caitlin is currently traveling the Western US and enjoys teaching workshops independently and at skillshare gatherings. She is in the process of broadening her offerings and incorporating art therapy and ecopsychology onto her path.


Caitlin will be sharing Gourd Bowls.