Buddha Tea x Spirit Weavers

Buddha Tea x Spirit Weavers

We are incredibly grateful for our partners from our 2022 Weave, as all of our partners have truly elevated the Sacred Spaces within the gathering. We absolutely loved partnering with Buddha Teas and are so grateful for the warm nourishment they provided for our beautiful Tea House for over 1600 women. Each tea’s flavor profile is unique and rich, and every sip brought so much warmth and joy especially during the chillier mornings and evenings.

The best part of Buddha Tea? All of the herbs and flowers are Organic!

Buddha Teas has rich, deep flavors with the highest quality of herbs. Some of the house favorite teas include cold defense, throat bliss blend and echinacea berry blend. These blends kept our attendees immunities & Spirits high throughout the entire gathering.

“Elderberries lend their immune-boosting properties to the mix, with hibiscus flowers adding tang. Complemented by the adaptogens ginger root and licorice root, as well as the anti-inflammatory eucalyptus leaf, this soothing defense blend is one you’ll want to keep on hand.”

The other house favorites include the CBD tea blends. They are perfect for a migraine, inflammation, muscle soreness, and for cramping during Moon time. Each tea is smooth, floral, and even a little sweet. It’s delicious and versatile; we like it hot or on ice and sweetened with a little bit of organic honey.

Needless to say, we are so grateful to receive nourishment through these incredible teas! The perfect medicine to keep our immunity high during these long Summer nights and as we slowly begin to transition into Fall.

Order here! https://www.buddhateas.com/buy/all-teas.html


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