SWG Artwork Inspiration

Our finished map of Cedar Bloom Map! by @raycodesigns


Loving all of your concert poster type designs!  This feels like something we definitely want to have for 2023. Asymmetrical designs feel nice. I love the mushrooms on the middle image below. The color pallet is also really sweet in the middle image.  

Loving the layout on the outside images.


We are drawn towards sages and salmons, lavenders and light oranges, tans and mustards.  More of a pastel rainbow palette! 


Just some images of yours that we loved!


Below are some of the Fonts that we love.  We’re open with your visions as well as you always have the best font. We  love more of the 60’s and 70’s retro style of font that you use.


Just including some images of the land below in case you want to add in some Cedar Bloom sweetness.

Mushrooms, Blackberries, Rosehips, Daisys, Dahlias, Hummingbirds, Forest Trees


~If using women in the artwork, please be sure to include a diverse array of body types and colors! Happy to have women included or not.

~ Must leave space for words: Spirit Weavers Gathering, 10 year Anniversary or Celebration. Sun Session June 15th-19th Moon Session June 22nd-26th 2023, Takelma Territory, Cave Junction Oregon. Or Cedar Bloom CJ Oregon.

We would like to use artwork for the website as the main image when you enter in as we have with previous artwork.  If we can have some single drawings from the artwork that would be helpful when updating the website in the Fall.  Example, if you use mushrooms in the image perhaps we can have drawings of those on their own so we can add them in as accents or buttons to click.  I forget what these are called.

We will also be using artwork for Social Media when sharing about the gathering.  And we have never done this before but perhaps we can create some merchandise like nice posters and T-shirts? Everyone is always asking for these things at the gathering. We can talk further in price about these things as I realize this may all be s separate fee or perhaps you get a commission?  Im not sure how Merch sales work.

We have paid anywhere from $200 to $500 for designs in the past but I’m happy to spend a bit more this year since its our ten year!

You can see previous designs over the last decade here: https://spiritweaversgathering.com/photo-gallery/ I think one of your pieces is already included! Your the only artist we’ve worked with twice!

You can text me anytime for questions or Inspiration.  I respond pretty quickly! (808) 346-3253 I also will send you my whatsap via insta so you can find me there. Thank you! Love Mea (May-ah)