Artist Village

Watch a painting come to life!  Join us in the Artist Village to honor and witness our talented visual artists as they generously share their gifts and skills with live paintings and galleries of their work.   The Artist Village will host an array of makers, set up throughout the gathering to showcase their work and create pieces during their time with us. Come experience the process and meet the creators as we celebrate the magic and power of visual arts. 

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The Artist Village is curated by our core staff.  Because of the small amount of Artists we can hold, the Artist Village is by invitation, not application.  

Below are our 2023 Artists. 2024 Artists will be shared in the Spring

Gabrielle Abbott

Meet the Artists

Meagan Boyd

My name is Meagan Boyd and I am a visual artist, a mother, a daughter, a sister and an explorer of all things esoteric and mysterious. Some may even call me a witch, a term I find endearing, deeply powerful and even sacred.

I was born in Southern California and a I’m mostly self-taught but did in fact briefly attend California College of the Arts in the Bay Area from 2013-2014. My entire 20’s were dedicated to a life scraping by in punk houses, working minimum wage jobs, and painting all night, occasionally curating my own exhibitions- something I’ve done since I was a teenager. It wasn’t until I was about 29 years old that I began to see a sustainable growth in my artistic career.

I’ve exhibited in various galleries nationally, but have always worked independently without gallery representation. I’ve participated in artist residencies in New Mexico, New York, and abroad in Switzerland. My paintings have been featured globally in various publications including Vice’s Creators Project, Hi-Fructose, Flaunt, Disfunkion, Paulette, and Bust Magazines. You may find my work on the pages of Taschen’s Library of Esoterica- I have contributed paintings to three volumes including: Astrology, Witchcraft, and Plant Magick.

To sum up a quick statement about my work- I will say this: create visual poetry of the sacred and wild elements of existence, usually in the form of painting. I would describe the visions depicted as cosmic encapsulated snapshots of my internal truths- informed by surrealism, esoteric symbolism, and the ancient wisdom of the divine feminine. Through the making of my work, I aim to depict scenes of tender humanness in connection to animals, people, nature, and the collective spirit of oneness.

Andrea Nakhla

Andrea Nakhla is a self-taught visual artist based in Topanga, CA. Her work transforms 3D-rendered interiors into paintings that access the subconscious. The spaces are populated by generic avatars, acting out dream-like metaphysical enigmas. Drawing from Middle Eastern architectural styles and landscapes, the rooms are porous and contain large arched openings which reveal simple desert landscapes. Since ancient times humans have gone to the desert to find their souls. There is a palpable silence in the work that allows for contemplation and reflection. Working between technology and materiality, the work simulates the surreal, ineffability of internal worlds.

Caro Arévalo

My name is Caro Arévalo. I am a Peruvian visual artist based in Woodstock, NY.

My artwork is embodied in exploring the plant and fungi kingdoms as seen with our naked eyes and through the microscopes, making an emphasis on the spirit each living being carries and that we are all connected.

My family comes from the jungle in Peru and from my Amazonian heritage I embrace the importance of rituals and ancestral wisdom, embracing our unity with nature in our daily lives. Through my paintings and videos I invite us to cultivate more love towards ourselves and our planet in order to stay creative, curious and aligned with our purpose in the world.

Emma Marie Whelan

Emma Marie is a Visionary Artist, Birthkeeper and Innate postpartum care provider based in Santa Cruz, CA. With growing awe, gratitude, & reverence for the cycles of birth • death • & rebirth governing this human experience, her creative mission propels forth :: to ignite the spark of remembrance that we are intricately interwoven.

“Painting forges meaningful connections between place & humanity, amplifies the ensouled nourishment of beauty, and is my sacred offering of gratitude for the gift of life.
Painting is a beloved teacher ⫷ an ever-evolving, symbiotic relationship that illuminates imagination, expands connection with creation, & deepens roots with the Soul of the World. ⫸

The art flowing through me
serves as a portal, mirror & reflection:
We are creatures of nature embodied
born from this Earth as miracles of life itself
cyclical beings composed of celestial waters
bodies of rock carved by ancient rivers
the wind’s breath carried upon winged ones
the light of the sun & billions of stars…
Swirling within cellular memory,
this remembrance is a compass guiding each vision into form
blending elemental nature, human bodies & more-than-human-kin
into one, cohesive entity.
Water is perhaps my greatest muse;
I am relentlessly inspired to unite the wisdom
of water + the feminine body
as one.”

Lindy Kehoe

My paintings reflect the inner child’s deep wisdom within all of us. The Beings that I paint  exist in a world of  dream-like nature, Inspired by Lemuria or Eden. My inspiration to create colorful peace-filled  imagery is woven with my intention to offer a healing energy, where everyone is included. May these paintings bring beauty into the world. May they be like open  windows into the remembrance of pure love.

Maggie Lochtenberg

Maggie Eileen is a multidisciplinary artist, witch and poet born and raised by the sea. She will be sharing some. of her painting work in the Artist Village at both Sun & Moon sessions this year.

Lynzee Lynx

Lynzee Lynx is a multi-disciplinary creative creature making art and magic for lifetimes who brings the inter-dimensional deep sauce to the creative table. She is an art and embodiment teacher, a jewelry designer / online business owner, mama of two, earth explorer and place maker.

Gabrielle Abbott

Gabrielle Abbott is an award-winning public artist who paints large-scale murals for urban spaces.

Her practice is rooted in social awareness, public engagement, and equitable representation. Through community partnerships, she brings creative empowerment to underserved spaces. Previous clients include Seattle Art Museum, Bellevue Art Museum, and the Hague City Government (NL).

Gabrielle received classical training in portraiture from the Florence Academy of Art in Italy, and an MFA from the University of the Arts, London. She currently exhibits nationally and works from her studio on Vashon Island, WA.