The Archery Range is one of our latest additions to the Gathering making its Home on the Land in 2022. Wayfinder Archery has cultivated a space to tune into the practice of shooting arrows with great intention, awareness, and discipline. Traditional Archery has been a hunting, warfare, and Zen practice of many lineages for thousands of years. Mikhel offers education and insight in regards to Traditional Archery’s preservation in Turtle Island,  acknowledging the lineage line from Ishi to her current day teachers.  All skill levels are welcome on the Range.  Whether you are beginning your relationship with the bow & arrow, or want to continue expanding and developing your skill set, Mikhel and her crew offer an environment to deepen connection to the Earth through the practice of Archery.  As one develops their form and practice, a profound experience of discovery may begin to unfold. Mikhel and the Range provide a space of discovery for your self-embodiment and authenticity to be explored through the art of shooting arrows. 

Mikhel offers 5 classes per session during the Gathering. Once you have participated in a class, you are welcome to return to shoot during any of the Range hours. Wayfinder Archery provides all of the equipment, though you are welcome to bring your own gear. (recurve, longbow, practice arrows).  There is a sliding scale request of $20-$60 for this class offering.  The Archery Range is located on the lower section of the Land where there is plenty of space to shoot arrows. 

Archery Lead

Mikhel Neshat


Mikhel hails from the Motherland of Austin, Texas, though California has been her home for 15 years. She’s led a wild and varied life, traveling the world at a young age and consorting with a colorful cast of characters who have inspired and influenced her to live a life by her own design.
Mikhel loves Archery! … and some other stuff too;)

Mikhel will be sharing Archery-Traditional Style

Insta: @wayfinderarchery