Ancestral Dreaming

Ancestral Dreaming


We are the materialization of our ancestors dreaming. Who is dreaming who? With our dreamtime we engage with ancestors and the departed.

Ancestors have led a human life and so understand our struggles around our humans. They have survived fire, famine, flood , disaster, wars, torture and oppression order that we might be alive today. In dreamtime we can have a special access to this wisdom and knowledge from those ancestors who are invested in our well being.

This form of indigenous dreaming is so essential right now. Each of us have ancestors that have faced great disturbances to the human family and are eager to assist each one of us as we step through the eye of the needle into a new vision of possibility.

We will gather together in circle and invite our ancestors to join us. We will focus on communication through dreamtime and constellation and nature.

Ancestral Dreaming will be shared by Grandmother Sarah.