Amara Dreamer

Amara teaches connection and respect for the natural world in all of her pursuits. For the last 13 years she has immersed herself in earth-based wisdom traditions from North and South America, undergoing rites of passage, sitting in ceremonies, and studying with wisdom keepers. Her heart has been the guiding force in creating a life that is authentic to her unique spirit. During her journey, Amara has absorbed medicine songs from various traditions and languages, including English, Spanish, Quechua, Portuguese, Sanskrit and more. Spirit has also blessed her with the gift of receiving medicine songs during the in the dream realms and in ceremony. Her songs come out in many areas of her life including nature classes for kids, community classes, ceremonies, healing sessions, and simply by herself in nature. The most harmonious instrument Amara has found to accompany her singing is the rattle. Since her husband, Dreamer, is a primitive skills enthusiast and avid braintanner, it was only natural to learn the art of rattle making with raw hide and hand harvested stems. Along with Dreamer, Amara founded a nature-based school in 2011. Wildheart Nature School is dedicated to empowering young people and adults through their holistic model of nature-based education. She incorporates her love for song and ceremony into her nature school by making rattles with the kids and singing songs to open and close each class. Amara is passionate about bringing people the opportunity to connect with their rhythms and their voice to clearly manifest their heart’s song in this world.


Amara will be sharing Rattle making & Song.