Our Vision

Many of us have been called into the depths to uncover the roots of who we truly are and explore ways of walking in the world that are in alignment with both our deepest truth and our highest potential.  We believe that this remembering comes through our connection with our great planetary Mother. We recognize our symbiotic relationship to the earth, and that it is to our direct benefit that we take good care of her, but more than being connected to her, we seek to understand that we in fact ARE her. We are not separate from her, and small actions on our part have a great impact on her.

We come together each year as women of like mind and heart in the hope that through our participation in this larger community we may be inspired, empowered, and supported by one another and the by the new skills we exchange.  Participation is now as it has always been, open to all who identify as women, regardless of their race, ethnic origin, age, sexual orientation, religion, disability, economic circumstance, physical appearance, or body size. Spirit Weavers is committed to providing an inclusive and safe environment for all of our community members. Past gatherings have included women from all walks of life travelling from Australia, Bali, Spain, Poland, Germany, Switzerland, Norway, Colombia, Brazil, Argentina, Peru, Guatemala, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, Mexico, Chile, Canada, Singapore, South Korea, Japan, China, Israel, Dubai, UK, Netherlands, and Latvia to celebrate the feminine and share their gifts.  Through sharing space with so many who endeavor with great earnestness to find unique solutions to the challenges we all are facing, we find we are able to more gracefully arrive at a new understanding of what it could look like for us to more fully commit to being in right relationship to each other and to nature.

In addition to the sharing of skills and tools, we are committed to this path of learning how to support and mentor and share knowledge. This is our giveaway to the ancestors and to the next 7 generations. We can step into our own role as empowered wisdom keepers in training at any age, at any point on our journey, supporting those who came before us, those who follow close behind us, and most importantly the children. These children of the empowered feminine have the earth as their playground. They know reality outside of a computer screen. They are still innocent and take pleasure in learning with nature as their classroom and teacher and constant companion. We desire that Spirit Weavers Gathering be a place where you can always return to to offer and receive love and companionship and tools through all phases of the divine feminine journey, from maiden to mother, from mother to crone and on into the great unknown.

Each class that happens at Spirit Weavers is a gift to ourselves, representing one woman’s giveaway- her gift to our community. We come seeking transformation, activation. We invite you to join us and bring your unique vibration to this community celebration. Add your heart medicine to the fountain from which we all can be nourished and filled up by. Drink deeply of this experience, and return home with your cup overflowing, carrying forth the seeds of new skills and ideas, planted in the fertile soil of your being, whose harvest we can then share with our families and home communities throughout the year. Together we both stretch and humble ourselves to become the truth of who we are, a radiant, essential thread in the great weave.  Together we take that step from surviving to thriving. Together we are woven.


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We will come together as sisters and children of the earth to sleep upon the sweet earth as one.

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Our days will be filled with sharing earth keeper skills, sacred movement and ceremonial magic.



Our nights will be a time of songs sung around the warmth of the fire, sharing stories under the star filled sky, quiet reflection, and integration.