Birth Stories

Any woman who has ever conceived, regardless of the outcome of that conception, has a story to tell about her experience. Our technocratic world has reduced giving birth (whether term or miscarriage) to a task to be completed, a means to an end. In reality, the process of birthing can deeply affect a woman for the rest of her life. As with other significant life events, we do not take the time to share or process our births in a way where we feel seen, heard and witnessed. Consequently any healing, learning, sense of empowerment, disappointment, joy or grief cannot move through our consciousness and vitalize our lives. We bury our experience internally, and unwittingly pass on our unresolved issues surrounding birth to our daughters, their daughters, and their daughters, probably for millennia….

This class will facilitate the sharing of birth stories within a safe container. Our opening circle will invoke a sphere of safety (confidentiality, respect, full attention, non-judgement, open hearts and minds), and parameters for sharing; a) the focus will be on a woman’s felt experience rather than the time line and processes involved in her birth b) only one birth to be shared per woman (unless time allows) c) there will be no conversation during the sharing. I alone, may ask for more information, or clarification only as a means to deeper sharing.

The closing circle will reiterate the safety of our circle, acknowledgement of courage and valor and short ceremony honoring ourselves and our foremothers.

Birth Stories will be shared by Susan Cassel