Yoni Steams with Abi Huff

Abi Huff walks between worlds as a Mother to three boys, a clinical herbalist, intuitive, and plant spirit channel, and modern wise woman. As a keeper of plant medicine and earth wisdom, her work is an offering to support the entire person in graceful unfolding, physical health, interconnectedness, and finding the tools to embrace the mundane as ceremony and sacred. She has worked to truly trust, embrace, and own her medicine so that she can affectively advocate for freedom, our planet, and the generations to come. She supports her clients in cultivating and owning their own medicine as a major key to healing and allowing our lives to be lived as sacred art. .

Abi is an educator teaching many facets of herbalism, womens wisdom from menarche to menopause, and traditional folk magic. She also owns The Stinging Nettle, an Apothecary, education, and healing space where she, and a collective amazing healers support their community with a variety of healing modalities.


Abi will be offering vaginal steaming sessions. Each session will begin with a consultation where we will discuss your womb concerns and issues and formulate a specific herbal steam for you. While steaming, I will work with plant spirits, guides, & ancestors to support the flow of light through the body and the clearing of energetic debris. The root of each session will be to create grounding and deeper connection to our belief in our ability to heal.

Abi will also be offering private Closing of the Bones Ceremonies for Mothers of all stages seeking closure and healing from their birth story, trauma, and all things unfinished. Closing of the Bones Ceremonies are sacred celebrations acknowledging the journey one has been on to become a mother and to help her re-establish her sense of self, release all things she needn’t carry, to return to a sense of wholeness, and to allow her to be held tightly in love. They are perfect for those entering menopause, Mothers with traumatic births or loss, painful periods, cesareans, and all Mothers seeking a sense of closure so they may move forward in a more complete way. Be prepared to be loved, honoured, and re-birthed.