Yoni Steaming & Womb Healing

This class will go over the following:
– What is Yoni Steaming?
– How can it help heal and connect you to your Womb?
How do you know which herbs to use and how long to steam?
Participants will leave with a renewed sense of taking back their healthcare from a system that does not empower their knowledge of their body’s intuition. They will not only be armed with knowledge about connecting to their womb and yoni, but also have a greater understanding of the cycles of womens’ bodies over a lifetime.
The first hour of class we will discuss the history and practice of Yoni Steaming. The second hour we will split into womb meditation, journaling and group discussion.
We will spend the last hour of the class talking about herbs, with each woman making her own Yoni Steam Herbal Blend. Each participant will leave with a one-time-use bag of Yoni Steam Herbs.


Yoni Steaming will be shared by Amy Solara