Yoni Crystals + Spirit Forks

Yoni Crystals + Spirit Forks

Yoni Crystal Wands + Tuning Forks: A Radical Self Love Exploration Through Vibration

In this intimate workshop we will explore how to use a yoni wand in combination with a tuning fork. When placed together, the crystal amplifies the vibration of the tuning fork creating an incredible and enjoyable, healing sensation. We will cover the healing properties of the tuning forks, the crystal wand and the two in combination with one another. Gentle one-on-one demonstration to experience this either with a sister or if preferred on ones’ own to the heart and various placed on the body.

In this class it’s is important to fully honor the ‘yes’ and the ‘no’ and the ever-changing nature of sexual boundaries with self and other.

After the demo, there will be a deeper guided ritual. Starting with the tuning forks around and on the body to open the heart. We will tone together and make sounds to tap into the energy that wants to move. Though the wand and tuning fork can be used on any part of the body, internally or externally, women will be invited and guided to use the yoni wand internally. If the wand is placed inside the vagina when the tuning fork is activated, the vibration moves through the entire body. This has the capacity to create huge shifts in a woman’s mind, body and spirit… and it feel incredible!

Due to the nature of this practice, we can feel very open and activated. The last portion of the ritual will be intentional grounding through optional cuddling and a sharing in partnership.

This class is offered to all individuals who identify as women. A vagina is not required for this class as the practice can be done on any part of the body, internally or externally.

Yoni Crystals + Spirit Forks: A Radical Self Love Exploration Through Vibration will be shared by Chelsey Sue Lehl.