Womb Mysteries, Medicine and Magic!

Welcome to women of all phases of our sacred lives — maiden, mother, queen, changing woman and wise woman. Join us for teachings, sharing and a guided womb meditation to explore the power of our Wombyness. So rich are the mysteries of the blood and womb – a portal between the seen and unseen realms. Learn more about opening and tending the gate to your inner wisdom and power and how to use your cycle to manage your time and energy. We will share about ceremonial menstruation, blood rituals and other aspects of our moon lodge sacred time. I will also be sharing about the teachings given to me by the Great Mother:: “When the women return their blood to the earth, the men will stop shedding blood in war….. and when the women’s wombs are reconnected to the earth, harmony and balance will be restored.”

Womb Mysteries, Medicine and Magic will be shared by Layla Centorrino.