Womb Activation and Crystal Healing

Crystals and Wombs: In this 90 minute class we will go on a journey to learn about the what makes crystals “magical” and powerful both from a scientific and esoteric perspective. Through exciting storytelling we will learn about what makes us as women equally magical and powerful and we will get a deeper understanding of our wombs. I will share ways in which women can develop stronger relationships with their wombs and learn to hear the voice of their wombs so that they may always honor her. By learning the power of our wombs we can become stronger manifestors and crystals stand to aid us in our creation efforts. All of this will be explained throughout the workshop. We will then learn about yoni eggs and this ancient practice of strengthening the female genitalia and how it can be of benefit for health and pleasure. We will do some gentle breathing exercises, meditation, and movement incorporating kegel exercises.


Womb Activation and Crystal Healing will be shared by Tiffany Janay