Wild Colour: a journey with Natural Dyes

Using fire, water, earth and air we’ll explore the alchemical art of coaxing color from plants. For thousands of years people have mastered the art and science of coaxing color from plants. Bioregions were famous for their local color palettes and recipes were passed down from one generation to another.

In this open level workshop participants will learn everything they need to start their own dye kitchen at home. We will create and experiment with at least 4 dye baths from native and non-native plants, kitchen compost, mushrooms and more.


We will introduce the concepts essential to understanding natural dye : scour, mordant, modifier, binder, dyestuff, extract,

A variety of surface design techniques will also be introduced so students can design their own scarves


Students will receive 2 silk scarves, a swatch book with samples of all the colors we make (an essential tool for any natural dyer), and the knowledge of how to start dye projects at home.


Wild Colour: a journey with Natural Dyes will be shared by Venna West.