Whispering With Trees

A conversation with Earth and her wisdom.

The forests are alive! Where interconnected networks of energetic communication pass from bees to trees to rolie polies. Messages are translated from the deep wells of ancestral and Mother Earth wisdom up through the soil micro biome, Then translated into plant roots and relayed high into the sky, they are superiorly advanced neural networks of life energy! We humans know them as trees, but have you ever thought of these extensions of earth as antennas that transform ethereal light rays into physical manifestations of a carbon based reality? They are energetic beings radiating dynamic frequencies just like us human creatures. Through tuning in and opening our hearts we can access the libraries of Earth wisdom the forests have to share. Join us in a journey of deeply listening to trees whisper ancient languages of our primordial Earth Mother.

Whispering With Trees will be shared by Merry Ellen Ackema