Healing in the Forest

Healing in the Forest

We are sisters on a journey, singing in the sun. Remembering the ancient ways the healing has begun!

This year we are excited to welcome back our beloved healing village, a positive place for sisters to commune in healing and caring for our physical, mental and spiritual selves with the aid of a circle of women healers.

The healing village is a quiet supportive sanctuary for intentional exploration. It is an opportunity to experience a curation of healers from a range of modalities present to help restore, ground, focus, and accelerate your growth. During our time together as a collective on the land, many feel called to turn inward to a more private, confidential space.

In this space, women can integrate and reflect upon their personal experience, engaging in self care in a safe environment. We look forward to welcoming you to the healing village as a space for refuge, regeneration, and empowerment at the gathering! Heading into our 4th year of community as a healing sisterhood, we are deeply honored to be of service with utmost integrity, compassion, and respect for the caliber of women and work present year to year at the gathering.

It is beautiful to witness and facilitate this growth together hand in hand with gratitude, passion, and wild open hearts.

Please meet our circle of healers.

Cornelia Peterson

corneliaBlessed by the Rocky Mountains to the west and Great Plains to east, Cornelia was raised, and continues to live, in Colorado. As an artist, she is in tune with the energies of life around her. She is a creator, a doer, and a follower of the heart. Cornelia is a flower + botanical shop owner, with intention of using flowers and plants as healing resources. Her background is mainly in visual arts, and has landed her on a path of using those skills towards connecting with the plant world to utilize + share it’s great powers.

She first attended the 3rd Spirit Weavers as work trade, and felt compelled to go deeper in assisting after spending much of her time in the Healing Village.


Jenel Chesley

jenelchesleyJenel Chesley is an entrepreneurial business consultant working in LA and New York. Having spent over 15 years along side founders of beloved, brands such as Kate Spade, Partners and Spade, Charlotte Moss, Tucker by Gaby Basora and Ouidad, she now advises a number of beauty, fashion and wellness clients on large and small scale projects.

Jenel is known for her thoughtful and spirited approach to life and work. She has traveled extensively and continues to explore her own path through writing, yoga, hypnosis and daily meditation.

Jenel studied Art History at New York University and is a certified Kundalini Yoga teacher. She happily resides in Los Angeles with her dog Pants.

Jane Anne Thomas

Jane Anne ThomasJane Anne Thomas is a Los Angeles based Artist, Seer, and Kundalini Yoga teacher engaging a blended path of Celtic,  & Yogic traditions with a deep connection to plant and animal medicine.

A shamanic apprentice of the Dineh Beauty Way Path, Jane Anne has been holding Ceremonial Animal Totem Readings for clients from Brazil to Hawaii since 2007. In 2014 she founded House of the Standing Moon, a collective dedicated to bridging the Beauty and Wisdom of the Natural world with the awakening human world. She regularly offers traveling Totem Tours and immersive healing collaborations under the banner Creature Being.

She is also working actor, designer, and writer with a background in art history, photography, & classical ballet.

Dana L. Kline

Dana-L.-Kline-SWG20161-e1449258802345Dana L. Kline is currently a PhD student in Clinical Psychology with an emphasis in Depth Psychology at Pacifica Graduate Institute. She holds a Masters degree in Depth Psychology Counseling and a Bachelors degree in Creative Writing. Her background as an integrative bodyworker for 8 years has informed her understanding of how emotional and psychological distress is expressed in physiological ailments related to the unconscious. Using a plethora of personalized modalities, Dana will integrate a unique and conscientious session of techniques ranging from deep tissue, stretching, passive joint mobilization, Swedish, trigger point and Ayurvedic marma point release all while using her restorative ability to physically and psychically hold space for you. The physiological benefits of a session include: carrying oxygen through the blood, decreasing anxiety, opening and expanding cellular communication, supporting the immune system through releasing toxins due to circulation of blood and lymph flow, reducing inflammation, and re-establishing your relationship with your body through awareness. 

Dana invites her clients to notice what dream images, symbols, thoughts, sensations and feelings arise in the body as a way to become more intimate with the unique narrative that is wanting to come through for a deeper, centripetal healing. 

As part of the Healing Village, Dana will be sharing Bodywork.

Morgan Yakus

Morgan-Yakus-Photo-SW-525Morgan Yakus lives in New York and is a bicoastal practitioner who facilitates integrative hypnosis, past life regression and Akashic Records readings and workshops. From textile tapestries to states of subconscious narratives, Morgan has journeyed from the world of innovative fashion design to her present souls’s calling as an intuitive healer. Through the carrier of hypnosis and past life regressions. She creates a safe, loving and curious space for the client to explore ancestral story, release unwanted thought patterns and correct unhealthy habits into compassionate and empowering behavior. Seeking to serve as authentic as a vessel for healing through an open transparent dialog with the client.

Morgan is also a certified holistic health coach and is dedicated to sharing the healing properties of Chinese tonics to the Western world after studying with Dragon Herbs founder Ron Teeguarden. She is a Board certified hypnotist, NLP practitioner and received certification in past life regression with Brian Weiss (who wrote many lives many masters). She is a resident healer at Maha Rose Center in Brooklyn, where she works with clients and holds monthly workshops. Some of her past workshops have been at Ontopo art weekend, Golden Dome School, House of Intuition in LA, this is her third year in the Healing Village at Spirit Weavers Gathering, where she will be sharing Hypnotherapy.

Anna Puanani Tanodra

Anna_SWAnna is a wild woman at heart.

Raised in the foothills of the Olympic Mountains of Washington State, she began cultivating deep gratitude for the natural intelligence and mystic beauty of wild places at a young age. She lives simply and with authenticity, foraging for medicine and practicing presence through daily meditation, tea, and cacao ceremony.

A yearning to connect with her ancestral roots guided Anna to reside on the remote eastern slope of Haleakala, Maui, where she resonates with the traditional healing methods of the Hawaiian people.

With a decade of professional bodywork experience, Anna is honored to share her therapeutic touch with the Spirit Weavers community. As part of the Healing Village, Anna will be sharing bodywork.

You are invited to deepen your practice of self nourishment through the beauty of receiving. Anna’s hands on bodywork is described as deep and intuitive, meeting each woman uniquely on her journey with loving presence. Each session is a celebration and honoring of the wild feminine and assists you in accessing the healer within.

Deborah Hanekamp

Deborah 525Deborah Hanekamp is a Seeress and Medicine Woman carrying over 15yrs in the healing arts as an Initiated Amazonian Curendara, Reiki Master and Yogini. She is the Visionary & sole facilitator of Medicine Readings™ a personal ceremony for Harmony & Rapture. Guided by the present moment, Deborah has facilitated Medicine Readings and ceremonies all over the world. Her work has been featured in the New York Times, Time out New York & The Numinous.

Deborah will be sharing Medicine Readings™ at Spirit Weavers Gathering. Medicine Readings™ are personal ceremonies for harmony and rapture. This 90min life altering ritual includes an intuitive reading, spiritual guidance, hands on or distance energy balancing, crystal and sound therapy within a sacred setting. Healing baths and life enhancing actions are prescribed for homework.

The past healed, the path cleared, intentions set and seen to fruition.


We look forward to seeing you and healing together in the Redwoods!