Empowering the Soul and Body

Empowering the Soul and Body

ABOUT copyWe are excited to introduce you to a new facet of the Spirit Weavers Village, a place to ground and empower yourself with the support of our Empowerment Center Sisters.

Visit the Empowerment Center to recenter, recharge and realign your head and heart. We are a group of spiritual counselors and empowerment guides here to fully support your Spirit Weavers experience and your mental/emotional/spiritual process. We offer two main services:

Talking Stick Empowerment Circles

Women will have the opportunity to authentically express, come back to their truths, and share in an empowering way in a loving and sacred space. Circles will be informal and also centered around specific topics such as:

  • Self Celebration: Letting Go of Perfectionism and Loving Who We are Right Now
  • Overcoming Jealousy and Competition: From Wounded Sisterhood to Empowered Sisterhood
  • Cross Cultural Communication: Bridge Building with Love and Compassion
  • The Formless Goddess: Releasing Shame and Honoring Our Bodies


One-on-One Counseling Sessions

This is for women who desire to receive further support regarding their experience at the event, integrate learnings or insights that are occurring, or would like assistance to facilitate shifts and awakenings related to their spiritual path and process. Our primary intention is to provide a clear, loving, high battery space where women can recenter, be witnessed, and connect deeply within.

Together we will access more of the Truths of our Being. As our guest, you can be assured you will leave feeling loved, accepted, inspired, liberated, and empowered to live your Authentic, Truest Self.

Meet our Empowerment Center Sisters,


Taylor Phinny Russel

Taylor is a natural healer and women’s wellness counselor. Her work springs from a deep love and reverence for being a woman! Taylor’s personal path has been one of learning through healing her own wounds and misunderstandings about being a woman. Through this process she has gained empowerment, embodiment, greater levels of self-awareness, connection to her authentic Self, and an intuitive relationship with Spirit. Her path has included completing a graduate program at the University of Santa Monica in Spiritual Psychology with an emphasis in Consciousness, Health, and Healing. 

A devoted yogini, she completed a 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training with Saul David Raye and currently practices Ashtanga with the great Tim Miller. 100 hours of Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training with Colette Crawford led Taylor into a further exploration of the female pelvis. She went on to study with Tami Lynn Kent and is a certified Holistic Pelvic Energy Practitioner. She is a DONA trained birth doula and Placenta Encapsulation Specialist and finds great joy is supporting women during pregnancy and childbirth.

Resonating deeply with the Priestess Path, Taylor completed  Priestess Training in Sacred Leadership with the Reclaiming Tradition and is a Priestess initiate of the Celtic Mysteries. She has traveled the world, praying in temples and ashrams in India, meditating with Buddhist monks in Thailand, drinking tea with tea masters in the high mountains of China, sitting with shamans in Peru, and celebrating the land of her Celtic lineage in England. She is excited to be offering her first retreat to the sacred landscape of Glastonbury, England this July. 

Taylor has woven together wisdom from her own healing journey and humbly holds this light for others. She’s developed an inspirational app for iOS and Android called AWE that sends users an intentional word every day to focus on and apply to their life, inviting magic and synchronicity. She resides with her husband in Encinitas, California, where she can be found drinking tea or galloping through the woods bareback on her horse, Blue. She is honored to return to Spirit Weavers! To learn more about Taylor please find her on Instagram @taylorslight. Her website taylorslight.com is under construction. 

We are honored to have Taylor leading our Empowerment Center throughout the weekend.

Sunder Ashni

Screen Shot 2016-03-07 at 3.05.07 PMMultidimensional artist, healing channel and educator born and raised in Brooklyn. Ecstatically co-creating life through dance sound and nature cultivation using the artistic process as a vehicle for transformation and healing.
Movement, music and their expansion through meditation and love are essential to Ashni’s being. From early experiences with death, escapades in library stacks to discover yoga and teachings with Buddhist monks in High school, Spirit has always peaked her curiosity and tickled her heart.
After discovering Osho and extensive practice and training with The Meditation Module, Ashni became part of the facilitating team. Soon after through Meditation from the Source she utilized her experiences with Osho Active Meditations™ and creativity committing to exploring and experiencing life authentically and totally!
Leaving her Brooklyn roots to live in Costa Rica, she embarked on the red road path and has recently completing her fourth year in the Moondance from the Mexica tradition.

Ashni currently facilitates ceremonies, meditations and experiences permeated with love that cultivate radical awareness, appreciation of self and overall ecstatic wellness within participants and their community with the of re-cultivating a deep connection with our Earth mother. More info at sunderashni.com


Allegra Taiji Lucas

Screen Shot 2016-03-07 at 3.05.13 PMAllegra has always been fiercely passionate about helping others to amplify their strengths and manifest the lives they find most fulfilling. Nothing moves her more than to be a guide and a witness to human transformation. Allegra shepards individuals, couples and groups through life’s inevitable transitions using drama, movement , music and expressive arts. She also incorporates mindfulness and meditation practice into her work in the facilitation of healing the heart realm.

Allegra has a Masters degree in counseling psychology from The California Institute of integral studies. She works in private practice in San Francisco through The San Francisco Marriage and Couples Center. Allegra is also passionate about and dedicated to providing diversity trainings and facilitating cross cultural communication with deep intention, grace and compassion.

Bonne Chance

Screen Shot 2016-03-07 at 3.05.19 PMBonne Chance is a women’s empowerment coach based in San Francisco, CA. She loves assisting women to awaken to the deeper callings of their heart, and clear away the inner debris that might be impeding the fulfillment of their most authentic expression.

Her coaching employs the tools and practices of spiritual psychology, in which she obtained her Masters in 2009 at the University of Santa Monica. She holds an additional Certificate in Consciousness, Health and Healing. She has facilitated hundreds of people in shifting their consciousness, awakening, and healing.

Bonne’s special emphases and gifts include the areas of spiritual psychology, consciousness health and healing, co-dependency, and addiction. She is very familiar with the 12-step model of recovery in various programs (drugs and alcohol, love, sex, co-dependency, and finances). For over five years, she has served as a hospice volunteer, assisting people of diverse populations in their life transitions and providing emotional support to families. As a coach, she is acknowledged for her loving presence, ability to direct clients to the heart of the matter, intuition, and wisdom. Due to her own personal journey, she is highly motivated to assist others in living a non-addictive life that is in full alignment with their Authentic Selves. You can learn more about her practice at: bonnechancecoaching.com

She is very honored to be assisting women on their awakening journeys by co-facilitating and leading workshops at Spirit Weaver’s Empowerment Center.