Tea Nourishment in the Redwoods

Tea Nourishment in the Redwoods



Sipping tea beneath the Redwoods is part of the simple, transformational magic of the Spirit Weavers Gathering, and we are so thrilled to welcome sisters back to the Tea House. With tea we commune with the plants and flowers that we steep, and with our sisters while we share the sacred, cozy space of the Tea House together.

The Spirit Weavers Teahouse serves as a place of regeneration, nourishment, and quiet connection. Each dawn, noon and night we carefully hand-blend batches of tea from our radiant array of organic and wild-crafted herbs, selecting the plants most attuned with the energy of each moment of the gathering.

This year we will also be adding the Tea Grove, where simple hot water and a selection of tea bags can be found. The Teahouse and the Tea Grove are curated by Koa and Melissa, both sisters who have spent many years with these sacred plants serving in tea houses and in tea ceremonies. We feel so very grateful to have these sisters with us again, always lovingly serving up the most nourishing teas.


Meet our tea house sisters


Koa Cassel Feiss

kc-2413-3Cultivating and maintaining the temple of a teahouse has been one of my greatest joys for many years now. The Teahouse is a special place of belonging, communion, peace and friendship. In creating our own Teahouse at Spirit Weavers, I relish in the gift of having a dedicated space to share the intimacy, warmth and nourishment of the ways of water and plants. Many of my greatest friendships have been made over tea, as tea is a supreme weaver. I look forward to weaving with you, serving you, and seeing you in your wholeness at the Spirit Weavers Gathering Teahouse.


Melissa McConnell

Screen Shot 2016-03-14 at 12.44.11 PMI have loved working with herbal medicine and tea for a long time. I find that the many different aspects of my passions in life– healing, bodywork, art, photography,yoga, meditation, ceremony, ritual– can all be practiced and amplified with the aid of tea. In turn, each of these passions and my experience of them make their way into my relationship with tea. Working with tea is intuitive and comes from the heart. It is a never ending journey of learning and experience. Each time sitting with it is different, and yet also builds upon your present foundation, offering us an endless journey of discovery and presence. Tea helps us to connect to ourselves, to where we sit, to the plant itself, to each other, to the magic moment of the pour and the sip. Herbal teas are also a gift and an art, as we can blend different herbs to create desired effects– to uplift us, to relax us, to help us digest, to open our hearts. I delight in working with plants and flowers in these ways, tuning into them, being with them, and sharing their magic with others. It is my honor to help prepare teas during the gathering to nourish, ground, open, and connect us all to the beauty of each moment.


We look forward to sipping tea with you!

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