Weaving Wisdom in the Trees

Weaving Wisdom in the Trees: curating space for receiving tree wisdom.

Ancestral streams of wisdom and cosmic flows of consciousness pass through our tree siblings as antennas between Mother Earth and father sun. These ancient lines of wisdom have infused deep within our cultures as the tree and human relation traces back to the oxygenation of the atmosphere. As we reclaim this sacred tree & human relationship in honoring the teachings and intelligence of the trees, we remember our place within the unification of the natural world.

Together we will curate a nest in the trees for these ancient streams of knowledge to be heard. Using fundemental weaving techniques, like spiders spinning a web, we will weave a wisdom catcher suspended inderdimensionally between sky and earth. Entering a realm where a sacred portal is opened for the trees to be heard. As we thread this nest, we will share songs, stories and teachings of the trees.

You are invited to join in this ceremonial craft as an offering to your sisters, your ancestors and the trees for their teachings to be heard and celebrated.

Weaving Wisdom in the Trees will be shared by Merryellen Ackema