Weaving As Meditation

You are invited to join in exploring the ancient craft of weaving through creative meditation and wildflower essences. During class you’ll learn, from start to finish, how to weave tapestry on a simple wooden loom. Weaving is a methodical and slow practice. As our hands get involved with each stitch our mind is free to rest from our conscious stream of thought. It is in this state of quiet that we are best able to hear our creative voice and let it shine! We’ll use the wildflower essence to unlock any barriers to our imagination as our fingers dance across the loom.

Through weaving we can integrate the mind, body and spirit to achieve a genuine practice of meditation and self expression. Even if you already have weaving experience, this intuitive approach will help you tune into your subconscious and reconnect with your inspiration. We created this workshop not only to teach you a new approach to weaving, but also how to use weaving as a tool for daily self care and meditation. Our goal is for you to leave feeling refreshed and empowered with a new skill set to help you create calm and beauty in your world.


Weaving As Meditation, Intuitive Sculpture & Backstrap Weaving will be shred by Natalie Novak.