Weaving a Circle

Weaving a Circle

Weaving a Circle: Hand Woven Treasure Bags

Weaving in a circular format, both with our bodies and the structure of our looms, provides an opportunity to connect to the rich symbolism and meaning of the circle. The circle is known across time, place and culture as a symbol of inclusion, unity, wholeness and the infinite. As we sit together in a circle, we support and value each unique woven expression. Our own looms mirror this support structure as we weave around each loom in a circular pattern.

Collectively, we benefit from the learning and support of the weaving circle as well as the peaceful, grounding energy of this ancient art form. Our personal agency is increased is we learn to create beautiful, functional woven objects with materials that can be easily accessed.

Sitting in circle, we will practice simple weaving methods (a plain, tapestry weave) and then use natural fibers to create our own circular woven bags (5″x7″ when flat) on a recycled cardboard loom. You will leave the class with your woven bag (if not complete you can take fiber and materials to finish on your own), your own tapestry needle, cardboard loom and the knowledge and instruction support to create future circular weavings.

Diane Wright will be sharing Weaving a Circle.