Wealth Redistribution, Reparations & Atonement

Wealth Redistribution, Reparations & Atonement

“Wealth Redistribution, Reparations & Atonement: Pathways for Societal, Ancestral and Personal Healing” will be taught by Morgan Curtis. This three-hour class comes in two parts and takes shape through storytelling, dialogue and ritual.

It is designed as a caucus space for those who self-identify as carrying wealth and/or class privilege.

We will begin both classes with self-reflection through a practice of creating and sharing “money stories”, shining light on the ways in which financial accumulation by our families, ancestors or ourselves connects us to legacies and present realities of land theft, enslavement, extractive economies and vast inequalities of wealth and power. This practice makes space for truth telling, mourning and laughter in equal parts, and thoroughly disrupts societal norms that tell us never to talk about money.

In the first class, we will proceed to share the past and present calls from Indigenous and Black communities for reparations, exploring the pivotal need for redistribution of resources as well as spiritual reconciliation and atonement. We will offer a ritual space that invites people into a felt sense of both the harm and repair that is possible in this work, and makes room for grief, rage and healing. To close the first session, we will share and invite examples from participants of real examples of redistribution and reconciliation happening out in the world. We will guide each person towards next steps that move them forward in this work.

In the second class, after participants experience creating, sharing or deepening their money story, we will look at social justice giving principles, inviting a reframing of charity into solidarity, philanthropy into reparations. We will explore how these principles might shape the way money moves in our lives. To answer this, each participant will spend time with a “reparations self-audit” to clarify what is possible in their own life with regards to redistributing money, land and/or power to Black, indigenous and/or low-income communities. Finally, they will be witnessed in a commitment to redistribution that matches in scale and ambition their place on this journey.

We see this class and the lifework of wealth redistribution as an earth-based skill. We believe this work needs to happen through deep listening that takes place outside of ourselves, and that centers our relationship with the more than human world, including ancestors and future generations. Our hope is that this class can be part of the bigger prayer and action which seeks to transform financial wealth as it exists in the current racist and extractive economy into the wealth of reparative community rooted in ancient practices of sharing, mutuality and interdependence. We are grateful for the opportunity to bring this work to Spirit Weavers.

“Wealth Redistribution, Reparations & Atonement: Pathways for Societal, Ancestral and Personal Healing” will be taught by Morgan Curtis and Justine Epstein