Priestess Initiation workshop

Together, we awaken the Divine Feminine while healing the wounded masculine, within ourselves and the Collective Consciousness. We were all born into a world of false paradigms and belief systems that blinded us to our true potential and power. We, in this time, have come to awaken ourselves to this illusion and step into our power as the Divine Beings we are and then awaken others. Join us for this powerful experience!
This workshop includes:
*A circle of sacred connection that provides a safe container to share thoughts, questions and visions while receiving and giving wisdom, healing and support.
*Primal movements that awaken the dormant kundalini energy reconnecting us with our own primal nature and the Earths’ resonance.
*Deep dive into other realms and dimensions, connecting with Spirit Guides and your higher self for realignment and healing.


Way of the Sacred Feminine will be offered by Sharon Silverstein and Deva Vidya.