Voice Of My Womb

When we sing, we strengthen the bridge of connection to our womb, and all of her ruby magic. It is a sacred journey being a woman, one that heralds many songs to be sung. Come and journey with the Voice of YOUR womb, and revel in her messages for you.

This special Song Circle is for every Woman who is called to strengthen her connection to her voice, womb, creativity, personal power, sensuality, and feminine essence.

‘Voice of My Womb’ singing session includes:

-Vocal Alchemy Training
-Guided Womb Meditation
-Group Singing
-Ceremonial Crafting

In this introductory ‘Voice of My Womb’ session, we will be learning a collection of songs gathered from the chalice center of circles of women. These songs guide us through the rites of passages of the crimson moon mysteries and the sacred blood gates on the hoop of life. Singing is a guiding tool to support healing, transformation, and integration of the stories we carry in our wombs. Activate the power and healing sound capacities of your vocal signature, and develop the energetic relationship between your womb and your voice. Let us, together, discover and refine our individual womb keys in a connective container, empower ourselves as guardians of our own wombs, while receiving the personal songs that live to be sung within our body temples. In this class, we are co-creating a legacy of songs to share with women’s circles for generations to come.


Voice of my Womb will be shared by Marya Stark