Victoria Larnach

Victoria grew up immersing herself in nature and in awe of the natural world from a very young age. From this place of reverence for our Mother Earth, the California natives art and indigo dyeing reflects the cultural and natural landscape of the places she lives and travels.

Following her dreams to Byron Bay Australia brought her immense growth and expansion with her spiritual path and higher creativity for art and sustainability. She was introduced to the beautiful alchemy of the ancient Indigo Plant and it’s natural Dyeing technique, and began sharing it with others as a way for a deeper connection to our environment through this magical ‘Queen Plant’.

Her sharings are focused on the feminine element woven within nature, with each piece created echoing our connection to Mother Earth and all the species that co-exist on the Planet, showing our deep relationship to each other and the places we live. She is dedicated to inspire others to live from their light and their creative expression from the most divine parts of Self, with freedom to BE while honouring culture, creativity, and our abundant Earth.


Victoria Larnach will be sharing Tunic Dress Designing with Shibori and Indigo