Vicky Salcido-Cobbe

Gardener, Teacher, and professional belly laugher, Vicky Salcido-Cobbe feels most at home with the plants. After years of chronic illness and self-destructive habits, Vicky’s life changed in an instant when a clinician offered her a bottle of herbal extract as medicine. Since then, she has been amazed time and again by the effectiveness and power of nature’s many medicines for both the human microbiome and earth biome.

Motivated by the ever-quickening loss of our intricate web of life, Vicky is a passionate voice for local, full-circle regenerative herbalism in the name of earth renewal. She holds workshops and events with the hope that a resurgence of Folk Herbalism will unite, empower, and enliven people the world over.

When she’s not writing, gardening, or teaching, she is the creating remedies for Grandmother’s Medicine – a small scale herbal apothecary that uses herbs grown or wild-harvested by her hands or by small farmers local to her. She is a caretaker for breathtaking land full of a variety of wild, untouched ecosystems called Motherland in Mendocino County, CA.

Vicky is honored to carry on the teachings of her teacher, mentor, and friend, Donna d’Terra.

Vicky will be sharing Full Circle Herbalism and Practical Magic: Herbal First Aid