Vending Applications are now up!

Vending Applications are now up!


At Spirit Weavers, we come together for just a few short days to learn, share, and celebrate all the beauty of this world and our extended community. One of the ways that we honor the talent and dedication that exhists in our circle is by creating a vibrant and diverse marketplace at the gathering. The Spirit Weavers Marketplace is a place for our beloved makers to come together and offer their vintage and handmade/ artisanal goods. This may include ceramics, body products, jewelry, clothing, art, and more.

We also offer our trade blanket on Sunday which is a free space to set up your goods and is always a favorite event at the gathering.  Many moons ago, tribes came together to trade crafts, food and supplies between one another.  The trade blanket is an opportunity to practice the lost art of the trade and barter system that didn’t involve money. You donate have to only trade, you can use a monetary exchange but trading is fun and encouraged!

We will also gather in the Healing Village! Women may need intuitive healers available to them throughout the time spent in the redwoods. As we weave throughout our day, sharing skills, connecting and learning, we will also crave a quite, sacred space to come to and process all that we have taken in.  In this space, led by our deep inner knowing and guided by a trained healer we can transform, transmute, shed our skins, integrate lessons and regenerate.

Please fill out a vending application under apply if you are interested in joining our Market Place and Healing Village!

Photography by Elena Ray