Veena West

dye_magicA lover and tender of the wild, Veena creates beauty as a form of praise. Veena is blessed to call the Coastal Redwoods of Northern California home. As a long time student of herbalism, organic farming and whole foods nutrition she connects to the soil and living landscape wherever she roams.

Veena learned to felt more than seven years ago and immediately fell in love with this ancient craft. As she began to explore the vast world of fiber arts through spinning, dyeing, felting and weaving her cells resonated with a song of familiarity. Veena discovered a connection to her ancestors through the manipulation of fiber into cloth. She has dedicated years of study to the art and science of natural dyes. Her teachers include Michel Garcia, India Flint, Irit Dulman and Charlotte Kwon.

Giving voice to the exquisite beauty of plants and fiber has captivated her heart. The endless alchemy of coaxing color from plants and the natural beauty of wool inspire her creations and desire to share these skills with others. She is delighted and honored to join the Spiritweavers gathering. / @slowbeautyway


Veena West will be sharing Natural Dying.