Veena West

Veena West

veena (she/her) is a farmer, artist, and educator. she works at the intersection of sustainable agriculture, restorative justice, and education. she comes from a long line of farmers who lived in the Black Forest along the so called Elz river. her ancestors grew hemp and flax among other things. she enjoys the process of remembering the ancient skills of processing fiber from plants to create thread and cloth. it is a direct connection to her great grandmothers who skillfully grew, wove, and sewed their own clothing.

veena feels most at home in old growth forests where the moss grows thick and the mountains meet the sea. in the regenerative silence of nature she enjoys listening and observing the more than human world and practices becoming invisible.

veena found her medium as a fiber artist when she started felting years ago. Her love for working with fiber and color grew and continues to evolve. she’s had the pleasure of learning from some amazing teachers from around the world including Michel Garcia, Charlotte Kwan, India Flint, and Alyssa Allen. her first teachers will always be the plants and she is a humble tender of gardens small and large. she recognizes beauty as a power that awes, transforms, and heals. her creative process is a form of praise, an offering to the seen and unseen worlds.

ig: @woodsmokeandstardust_

Veena is honored to offer: Intro to Natural Dyes, Intuitive Leaf Prints, and Drop in Dye Vats.