Veena West

i am a dye witch, in love with the alchemical process of natural dyes. Also a lover and tender of the wild living holy. blessed to apprentice to the sheep, the tendrils of green, her hands and many beloved teachers. my passion to create beauty as a form of praise emerged from a deep dive into the depths of soul where i was gifted a vision to start a beauty school (not just any kind of beauty school).

giving voice to the natural beauty of plants and fiber brings me great joy. the endless alchemy of coaxing color from plants and the natural beauty of wool inspire my creation and desire to share these skills with others.

what a wonder to develop deep relationships with animal and plant beings to honorably serve practical human needs.


Veena will be sharing: Wild Color – an exploration to Natural DyesEco-print Silk Cami & Altar Cloths, and Drop in Dye Vats.