Tunic Dress Designing with Shibori and Indigo

We will be creating unique designs onto our own tunic gowns as we share and learn about the brilliant hues of one of the oldest natural plant dyes in the world – indigo. Using all 5 elements for creation: Earth, Fire, Air, Water, and Ether, we will learn how to work with the Indigo pigment to create beautiful shades of blue as we design our tunics with multiple Japanese Shibori techniques – stitching, tying, and beautifying our dresses as we open our personal creativity and meditative breath. Our hands and hearts will be immersed in the dye baths producing blue magic and a deeper connection into the plant realm. This is a full-day workshop and all material is provided.


Tunic Dress Designing with Shibori and Indigo will be shared by  Victoria Larnach