Tree + Axe + Knife

Tree + Axe + Knife

Traditional European woodwork was accomplished with hand tools, green wood (wood that is still wet), and knowledge of craft & woodland care passed down through generations.

During this two day spoon carving course you will cover all the skills necessary to fill your home with beautiful and useful wooden objects. From tree to spoon, Raleigh will show you the fundamental, safe, and efficient way to use the three tools you need for carving – an axe, a knife and a spoon knife. You will concentrate on good technique and efficiency, giving you all the skills to carve great wooden spoons.

We will also be touching on appropriate tools, sharpening techniques, and sourcing wood. The aim is to give you the knowledge to be able to go and carve spoons safely at home, as well as to spark interest in all the available crafts with green wood. All the raw materials and tools are provided.

Course Content

The courses cover the following:

wood selection and preparation

splitting and roughing out using an axe

safe carving techniques, using the main knife grips

an introduction to knife sharpening

I take great delight in making beautiful objects that people love and use every day, and I hope you will take joy in it as well.


Tree + Axe + Knife will be shared by Raleigh Campbell.