Things to do in Southern Oregon

Things to do in Southern Oregon

Each year Women travel from all across the world to attend The Spirit Weavers Gathering.  This year we have sisters coming from Australia, Colombia, Brazil, Argentina, Guatemala, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, Mexico, Chile, China, Germany, England, Canada, Bali, Israel, Dubai, Netherlands, and Latvia!!  Our  home in Southern Oregon along the Illinois River is breathtaking,  with so many incredible places to explore around it.

As you’re planning your travel, read here to explore what airports to fly into, how to book shuttles and organize ride sharing. Below is a list of places explore along your journey.
The most direct route from either SFO or SAC is the interstate 5N, about a seven hour beautiful drive. Our fellow sister weaver, Vicky Salcido-Cobbs, has given a great overview of the sights and heritage you’ll cross along the way. You will make your way through the land of the Winnemem Wintu and see Mount Shasta. Should you choose to stop and witness this sacred mountain, consider offering a prayer to the Winnemem Wintu, whose sacred practices are in danger of extinction with the rising of the Shasta dam and the tourists who come to bathe and party in the sacred waters/land. The federal government does not recognize the Wintu as a “federally recognized tribe” due to lack of paperwork, so they are not given protections needed to safeguard their land and traditions. Currently, many residents alongside the Winnemem Wintu are battling the destruction of the waters by Crystal Geyser bottled water, which has a processing plant that is up for expansion.

Should you wish to take a scenic route, the journey up the 101N to 199N will take about 8 hours, and is beautiul. You will drive through Sonoma and Mendocino counties, lands of the Miwoks, Wintuns, Wapo, Miyakmahs, Pomos, Koskiwok, Patwins. and Humboldt county, land of the Yurok, Tolowa, and Karuk.

You’ll drive through Richardson Grove, which Cal Trans is trying to cut down a portion of to widen the higway to make it easier for large semi-trucks with lumber and big-box store goods to pass. The drive is windy and large chunks of it are one or two lane, so it will be slow and steady. Some would suggest not driving in the dark if you are uncomfortable driving forested dark and windy roads. Deer are all over the forests, so stay alert. This is one of my favorite drives.



Ashland is one of Oregon’s most charming small towns.  Just south of Medford, it’s a great place to stop for a great meal or a sleep for the night on your way to/from California.

Ashland Food Co-Op
237 N First St
Ashland, Oregon 97520

Elder Apothecary
5 N. Main St.
Ashland, OR. 97520

Jupiter Row
31 N. Main St.
Ashland, OR. 97520

Dobra Tea
75 N. Main St.
Ashland, OR. 97520

1640 Ashland St,
Ashland, OR 9752

Jackson Wellsprings
Open Mondays for women-only soaking times

Shakespeare Theatre
Ashland’s known for this famous replication of the original Shakespeare Theatre, here they host a series of plays in their summer festival.

Ashland Spring Hotel
A sweet little historic hotel in downtown Ashland.

If you’re flying into Medford, our shuttles will make a quick stop at the food co-op to stock up on snacks and more before driving to the gathering. Medford is also a central point you’ll pass through if you’re driving from California. 
Medford Food Co-Op
945 S Riverside Ave
Medford, OR 97501

Natural Grocers
1990 North Pacific Highway
Medford, OR 97501

Another charming town along the Northern route if you’re traveling from Portland, Washington or Canada. Grant’s Pass is also home to a fabulous farmer’s market on the weekends! 
Goosberries Market
1201 Redwood Hwy
Grants Pass, Oregon 97526

Sunshine Naturals Foods
128 SW H Street
Grants Pass, OR 97526

Hotels: Riverside Inn

986 SW 6th St, Grants Pass, OR 97526



Hometown to the Gathering’s land! This little town has a handful of hidden gems, from the treetops to the underground caves. We recommend taking an extra day before or after the gathering to explore these sweet local spots.

Ol Jos Campground
156 Ollis Road
Cave Junction, Oregon 97523

Arriving to the area early?  Ol Jos Campground is right next door from our land and a great place to stay the night before or after.  It is also a great option if you wanted to bring an RV or Trailer.  The land joins with ours and is right close to where camping is.  There are also extra showers and laundry if you wish to use their amendments as well.

Diggin’ Livin’ Natural Food & Farm Store
143 Redwood Highway
Cave Junction, Oregon 97523

It’s A Burl Gallery

Out & About Tree House

Crystal Kaleidescope

Botanical Boardwalk

Oregon Caves

Little Falls Trail

Lava Beds National Park

Redwood Forest

Crater Lake