Traditional Archery

Traditional Archery

Traditional Archery: Introduction and Skill Development

Mikhel welcomes new and experienced folks to the age-old art of Archery!

The bow and arrow have sustained cultures for millennia via the procurement of food through hunting, the art of warfare, the Zen of archery, and the mysticism of mythology.  Archery the world over has taken many shapes in many different cultures. The bow and arrow are iconic and have seemingly been pillars of worldwide cultural evolution and advancement.

Traditional Archery class provides instruction regarding proper form and technique, archery range safety and conduct, proper care and respect of the equipment, and the Zen of Archery.

We are excited to offer Spirit Weavers an Epic Archery Range this year curated by Mikhel! All ages, levels of experience, and variations of abilities are welcome.  The range is open from sun-up to sundown. Use of the range with your own equipment is available during all open hours.

Tradition Archery: Introduction and Skill Development will be shared by Mikhel Neshat