Tieguanyin Sword

Tieguanyin Sword

Tieguanyin Sword:
Cultivating the Warrior Priestess with the Metal Element

Tieguanyin is the Iron Goddess of Mercy, and it is in her guidance we learn to wield the sword with respect, integrity, and resolve.

We step into ourselves as warriors, not as those who seek battle in the name of violence; rather, we choose to stand firm in our full, gleaming armor as those who walk the path of discipline and grace combined. Our compassion and heart-centered intention for the wellbeing of All Life Everywhere is the source of our power. This is the Warrior Priestess, she who holds the Sword of Love in the face of adversity.

As Warrior Priestesses we call on Metal, Element of courage, commitment, clarity, precision, and discernment. These aspects in turn inspire clarity, clear decision making, and the ability to speak one’s truth. With Metal we pierce through the veil. With Metal we stand in fortification and authenticity, ready to meet all that may come our way.

In this class we’ll move through the Eagle Claw Sword form and cut through what no longer serves us. Swords will be provided for practice, and a limited number will be available for purchase, should you be so drawn to carry the sword home with you. But regardless of the physical sword—the spiritual sword will be yours forever. For what we gain from this practice is much more than flexible, strong wrists— this practice rekindles your relationship to who you were born to be in this lifetime.


Tieguanyin Sword will be offered by Brea Fisher.