Thérèse Cator

Thérèse Cator

Thérèse Cator (she/her) is a mother, a trauma-informed and grief-informed Embodiment Practitioner, Leadership Coach, and founder of Embodied Black Girl, a global community that stands for the embodied liberation of Black women and women of color everywhere. Embodied Black Girl is devoted to creating a safe space for Black women and women of color to heal from intergenerational trauma, racialized stress and the ways we’ve been socialized by colonialism and supremacy culture in service of our individual and collective liberation and healing.

Her work lies at the intersection of leadership, spirituality, healing, somatics, meditation, decolonization and social change. Thérèse deeply believes that healing is both personal and political; spiritual and corporeal.

In 2020 alone, Thérèse led many healing circles for the Black community, attended by nearly 5,000 folks. She also led Becoming Human, a series of lessons for white people to dismantle white supremacy, for thousands of white and white passing people which has evolved into the body of work Embodied Solidarity.

Thérèse’s work has been featured in Forbes, MindBodyGreen, Motherly Magazine among others. You can find out more about her work at and

Thérèse Cator will be sharing Embodied Racial Healing To Weave The New World