Miku & Kelsey

Miku & Kelsey

The Way of Vibrantly is a non-profit wellness organization and co-learning community dedicated to experiencing, supporting, sharing and creating social tools based on centeredness and remembering the Old Way of being in the world. We offer extraordinary and everyday mindfulness, movement, compassionate communication, social permaculture, artistic expression & community building practices to help the self, others, and all beings vibrantly thrive!

We are more than a team, we are family, building the deepest friendship together on this amazing journey of creation and discovery. Kelsey and Miku have worked together for the past few years along-side the 道Vibrantly Team to bring these practices to communities in the greater Seattle area and all along the West-Coast and Hawaii. We have

Miku is an experienced meditation practitioner and circle facilitator. Kelsey is a community mediator, artist and certified teacher. Both were raised in a mindfulness tradition and have trained with Eric Carroll at the Center for Vibrant Living for many years. Miku has guided weekly meditation and community dialogue circles since 2013 and facilitated a number of workshops at small businesses and community organizations over the years. She has completed her 200 hour yoga teacher training through Synergy Yoga with Tami Hafzalla and Jodi Boone. She is happy to be bringing the dynamic Center of the Wheel style yoga flow to 道Vibrantly! Kelsey has facilitated individual emotional processes and community conflict navigation workshops since 2016. She taught in an art therapy studio for 3 years though most recently has been teaching in the public school system, implementing mindfulness practices and advocating for student-driven emotional intelligence programs.

We have many teachers and mentors who have guided us in our journey to become teachers and Ceremony Tenders. Our greatest teachers and mentors include: Tommi Hazel of Siskyou Permaculture, Dr. Eric Carroll Desselle, Grandmother Kaariina, Paul Che Oke’Ten Wagner, Starhawk, Pandora Thomas, Dr. Michael Wyman, and the Naraya community. Yes, we have permission to share these offerings.


The Way of Vibrantly will be sharing  Sacred Hearth: Meal Blessing and Song Ceremony.