The Way of The Heart

The Way of The Heart

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The Way of the Heart

Join Ayesha Ophelia and special guests for an exploration of the power of the heart. Through words, movement, voice and sound we will explore the ancient remembrance of who we really are.

This work is how we get unstuck. How we call back our power and learn to live fully expressed lives. This work is what moves grief. This work is what heals wombs. This work is what keeps us in the flow of our most true essence.

Each participant will create a card or set a cards based on what is unearthed in our session.

Come prepared to move, share your voice, tap into your creativity, and reveal what’s living just beneath the surface.

Offering for Moon Session

Dreamweaving: Tending Your Soul & Shadow through dreamwork

A third of our lifetime is spent in the sometimes murky waters of the dream realm.

Ancient traditions and great thinkers of our times understood dreams as a threshold into prophecy, healing, the shadow/subconscious, and giver of a great deal of important information for the dreamer.

Come learn the art of dreamweaving in community; the interpretation of dreams woven in with a specific type of synchronicity called Kairomancy.