The Way of Tea

Taylor+Baelyn-237Intro to “The Way of Tea”

Here we explore the medicine of Tea as plant teacher; the spirit of Nature itself manifested through this Leaf, awakened by hot water. This ceremony is a dance between the elements, a sensory exploration of presence, where everything is connected by space. We will experience an introduction to Cha Dao, “The Way of Tea” and will begin by exploring Tea in silence, which will be a time to quietly tune in to our inner and outer fields, and the spirit of the Tea Leaf. The space will then be opened for dialogue surrounding the practice of Tea ceremony; reflections, questions, and sharing.

“Tea meets us exactly where we are and gives exactly what is needed. She is a graceful, strong, compassionate teacher. She shows us a doorway, opens it, but gives one the choice to stand wherever one feels comfortable. Every ceremony is completely unique unto itself and deeply moving. I have danced, cried, laughed hysterically, and travelled through time and space. I feel so blessed to serve and witness others find in their bowls the same magic that continues to inspire me. I am a student of the Leaf.”

The Way of Tea will be shared by Baelyn “Tien Wu”