The Waning Moon Years

The Waning Moon Years

The Waning Moon Years session and Menopause Transition Celebration will be hosted by “Crone of Arc,” aka Melissa Barron (preferred pronoun: “Crone”) who “Crone Identifies,” is an age disrupter and age-positive advocate hoping to help redefine modern “eldering” while keeping a sense of humor because older womxn shouldn’t be narrowly defined as only silver-haired, serious, wise, and grandmotherly. Stereotyping and ageism are especially rampant with older womxn since diversity (on any level) was less celebrated decades ago when we were being culturally programmed, so the patriarchy’s directives are still hard-coded in us. We need to unlearn these patterns and start fully celebrating our birthdays over 40.

The Crone life-stage is rarely positively embraced. The Triple Goddess Arc we are familiar with – Maiden, Mother, Crone – isn’t meant to stop at the cessation of menstrual blood, yet aging women tend to be less honored and represented at modern womxn’s gatherings. In fact, womxn have many physical and emotional transitions that begin with early perimenopause, or menopause transition, which can occur in our 30s, but our society has avoided actually naming and speaking them. Recently, in an effort to help define the decade(s) leading up to full Crone-hood, there have been attempts to name womxn in their menopause transitional years – such as “Queen,” “Autumn,” “Maga,” “Queenager,” “Crone-in-waiting,” “Crone-in-training.” Rarely does a womxn jump from Mother to Crone overnight like we do at our menarche (Maiden to Mother transition) – there is a gradual waning of our estrogen levels. In a society where self-love is preached, becoming more accepting of the aging process is the ultimate in self-appreciation. Our menopause acceptance movement helps to reframe our cultural conditioning where, hopefully soon, this important life phase will be demystified and revered versus feared, where the dreaded HOT FLASHES will be welcomed and celebrated – the same way we honor our first menstrual cycle or breast milk flowing post birth. Our ephemeral life transitions never last forever, so this course encourages perimenopausal, menopausal, and Crones to experience the NOW and surrender to the waves of transformation as they come and see where they are intended to take us.

Ageism is one more cog in the intersectional feminism wheel that can no longer be ignored. Crone of Arc addresses the insidious way that being referred to and shamed as “old” or “dried-up” became worse than being labeled “fat” or “ugly” – since it’s nearly impossible to “motivate” out of aging or “transform” out of our biology. It’s time to take back and own the derogatory words associated with “old” and use these words as allies. The fact remains – aging isn’t a death sentence, but rather living is – from the moment we’re born, we’re that much closer to dying! The goal should be to experience the waxing and waning of our lives as the ultimate privilege – the gift of living. Aging is in fact a meritocracy.

Menstruating or not – bleeding does not define our womxninity. In fact, if womxn are fortunate to lead a long life, most likely, only half of it will entail menstruation – and even less time will be focused on reproduction – yet we are still defined mostly by our ability to procreate. ALL humans are predominantly comprised of water and have circadian rhythms that respond to light and darkness, so we are inherently cyclical bodies under the moon’s sway – ALL of us are on our “Moon Cycles,” not just womxn’s bodies full of estrogen. Therefore, anyone who identifies as female occasionally, or always, is welcome, including: womxn, cisgendered, trans, non-binary, genderqueer, genderfluid, & agendered folx. Gender and age are a spectrum and ALL womxn – yes, even old womxn – need strong allies in order for all of us to be elevated. Any Crone or Menopause Curious beings are invited. Our Crone Circle endeavors to be gender & age neutral and racially inclusive. We embrace diversity, inclusivity, and individuality.

Melissa Barron (aka “Crone of Arc”) will be sharing The Waning Moon Years session and Menopause Transition Celebration.