The Unproductive Stitch Club

The Unproductive Stitch Club

Join the Unproductive Stitch Club as we gather together with needle and thread and rebel against modern ideas of measuring our worth by productivity. Instead we’ll explore what happens when we prioritize connection, relaxation, and creativity with no pressure to get anywhere or complete anything. I will introduce several stitches and mending techniques, while infusing our time together with poetry, story, and song.

A little on my approach to needlework…

For me stitches are like words, each one a prayer, a unique moment in time, marking time in a non-linear way. Mark making is an ancient practice. Pre-literate people used mark making as a way to keep time, initiate, and tell stories.

Embroidery is a humble craft that allows us to slow down, create beauty, and record our stories in symbols with needle and thread. Sewing by hand is a magical practices that infuses intention and care into cloth. Embroidery can be used as a creative practice, to mend and repair, or to adorn a special garment.

This class will introduce the basics of embroidery. We’ll discuss materials, technique, and creative process. You will learn several basic stitches to get you started on your stitching journey.

Hand crafts bring us into our bodies and help soothe the brain. Sewing by hand is a mindfulness practice. Join us as we drop into the magical rhythm of hand sewing, allowing our minds to quiet as our hands remember a practice that connects us to our grandmothers.

No experience needed. Bring your own sewing kit or purchase one in the class. Come with an open mind, relaxed heart, and willing hands. Bring poems, stories, and songs to share.

The Unproductive Stitch Club will be shared by Veena West.