The Multifaceted Millennial

The Multifaceted Millennial

The Multifaceted Millennial: Navigating Choice, Change + Consciousness

We are in a time when what it means to be a young person, a millennial, is evolving rapidly. Those of us on the path of self-evolution often feel overwhelmed, anxious, confused, contradictory and generally in desire to be a part of the changes that are necessary right now. To be in relationship with enforced notions of productivity, a capitalist system, and increasingly paradoxical technology that both limits and expands the amount of information and opportunities available to us can be taxing on the nervous system, challenging for decision making, and leave many of us with a sense of hopelessness and that we must “figure it all out, now”. The multifaceted, complex way we can and are existing at this time can seem like too much if we are not supported from within and without. As we inquiry of ourselves and seek to define who we are and how we want to serve in the world, we are often met with inner battles around words, concepts and experiences such as “purpose”, “identity”, “truth” – all living, breathing, and continually expanding things that are not so linear as the norm in this world demands it to be.

This class will be an exploration of all the above. We will connect with strategies and specific practices that can support the overwhelm of choices, anxiety, and confusion that is so prevalent with millennials right now. There will be a time to engage in a discussion that is centered around the importance of finding and honoring individuality in a “convenience culture” of appropriation, and learn from one another in witnessing what this time of our lives is bringing us. Through listening to each other in a space that is rooted in inquiry and a desire for deeper self-understanding – not the comparison and false ideals of perfection that is so prevalent these days – we will find power in this initiatory time of becoming an adult.


The Multifaceted Millennial will be shared by Emma Amara Elisabeth

*photo by Lindsey Erin Luna*