The Golden Shadow

The Golden Shadow

The Golden Shadow: An Intro to Ego Work.
This playshop is a multidimensional exploration of both our dark and golden shadows. These are the parts of ourselves that we disown, and see reflected back to us by our surroundings and relationships. When left unexplored, this unconscious shadow drives much of our behavior and leads to cycles of suffering. Together we will learn how to unpack the inner dialogue we all have by exploring our judgements and admirations as doorways into our subconscious. Golden shadow work is often overlooked, but it is equally as important to witness our disowned light as it is to witness our disowned pain.

Through a mixture of experiential learning, theta-state subconscious awareness, ego work, diad/group work and energy healing, you will expand your consciousness to be more fully present with your inner witness. This alignment and greater self-awareness will allow for a more embodied co-creation of your life, and give you the empowerment that comes with consciously choosing the way you respond to your surroundings.

Benefits from this class are radical self-awareness, improved relationships and deeper connection to self and life experiences. Participants will be given an information booklet with notes from the workshop, as well as a list of resources from podcasts, to books, to practitioners – to continue their own exploration and inner healing work beyond the time we share together.

Everyone is welcome! No previous inner work necessary. Please bring a journal + pen.

Kristina Barešić will be sharing The Golden Shadow: An Intro to Ego Work and The Energetics of Addiction.