The Energetics of Addiction

The Energetics of Addiction

This class is for anyone who has experienced addictive behavior in any of its many forms and faces. We will focus on the idea that addiction is any compulsive distraction that deters us from following our higher self, and why we feel the pull to indulge those distractions. Under this definition, we all have habits and coping mechanisms that keep us from moving forward with our goals, until we develop a healing relationship to those younger ways of coping.

Topics will include trauma, codependency, self worth, and how to work with and overcome these blocks to reach the unique gifts that healing our addictions uncovers, both personally and societally. This workshop will explore how to build a new relationship with our addictions, so that we can stop fighting ourselves and start working in harmony with our greatest good. Participants will be taught about the anatomy of addiction, how addiction and trauma affects the flow of energy in our systems, and how they can refocus their energy and minds to support their goals of alignment and fulfillment.

Participants will be given an information booklet with notes from the workshop, as well as a list of resources from podcasts, to books, to practitioners – to continue their own exploration of this subject and inner healing work beyond the time we share together.

This class will be a mixture of teaching, experiential, energy work, ego work and diad/group work.

Please bring a journal + pen.

Kristina Barešić will be sharing The Golden Shadow: An Intro to Ego Work and The Energetics of Addiction.