The Divine Cycle

The Divine Cycle

The Divine Cycle : Menstrual Workshop and Performance
presented by Pussy Power House, Samantha Zipporah, and The Moonbeams

*An accessible, all ages, engaging re-telling of our Origin Story.
*Mytho-poetic performance art
*A creation story based firmly in biology
*Ovulation and menstruation education
*Ritual subversive magic to break the spells of the oppressive cultural norms of stigma, dogma, and gender
*Sparkles and laughter

All ages are welcome to this offering, with a loving focus placed on welcoming and creating safer space for youth to learn about their bodies through performance art!

The workshop will feature a potent lecture and discussion about both physical and energetic anatomy of the Menstrual and Ovulation Cycle from Samantha Zipporah. This discussion will includes clear description of the 3 primary fertility signals, and how to identify ovulation in addition to observing and caring for our bleeding. Anatomy and Physiology education offered will include layers and function of uterine tissue, practical approaches to soothing menstrual maladies, and more.

In the second part of our workshop participants will create a large Wheel of The Year and Lunar Cycle Mandala as metaphor and framework for understanding our menstrual cycles. This living art project will combine objects found in nature supplemented by Corinne Loperfido’s imaginative up-cycled props. We will rehearse for a performance about the menstrual cycle in this circle, acting out the phases of the cycle employing props, puppets & costumery styled with support from creatress Corinne Loperfido.

A short (20-30 minute) performance of The Divine Cycle will be given at a mealtime for all to witness and enjoy! Narration for the show will be provided by The Reproductive Health Care Bear aka Samantha Zipporah, with some lines spoken reader’s theater style by participants, and plenty of opportunities for audience participation.

Samantha Zipporah and Corinne Loperfido will be sharing The Divine Cycle : Menstrual Show Workshop