The Circle of Light | Oshún Invocation Ritual At the river

The Circle of Light women’s circle is a sacred gathering for the woman seeking to restore her self love and her connection to the Divine. Each Circle is a Collective Ritual using traditional herbal medicine self-care practices to heal and activate your Divine Feminine Energy. In this special Spiritweavers Edition Jaguar Woman will lead you in the “calling in” and activation of the Goddess Oshun within your individual womban body, and within the sacred womb waters of the river that move through the Spiritweavers land. The Circle is a spontaneous experience and co-created ritual of sound, breath, meditation and movement designed to release, balance and energize the feminine mind, body and spirit. No 2 circles are the same and each circle is a unique moment curated to address the needs of each woman joined together, holding space in the collective. Come dressed in whatever makes you feel beautiful and comfortable enough to move your body. Come ready to lay down your burdens at the riverside with Jaguar woman and anoint your body with the coconut oil and honey of the Goddess. Be ready to wiggle your body, giggle from your soul, hold silence in your heart, re-connect with your inner child, activate your outer goddess, listen and share the unique songs and stories that let your light shine!


The Circle of Light | Oshún Invocation Ritual At the river will be offered by Jaguar Woman (La Vonne Natasha Caesar)