The Art of Kairomancy

The Art of Kairomancy ::: Guiding Life by Synchronicity and Dreams :::

Kairomancy is the practice of guiding one’s life by synchronicity and dreams, by reading the symbols of the world as a living oracle. The term was coined by renowned dream teacher, author, and creator of Active Dreaming, Robert Moss. Throughout time, seers, mystics and dreamers have watched the patterns of the world for meaning, and guided life by the symbolic movements of birds, a chance encounter, or the portents of a dream. In this workshop, I will teach the core practice of Active Dreaming, Lightning Dreamwork, with a focus on how to scour dreams for pre-cognitive material. We are constantly dreaming the (possible) future, and there are signposts to watch for that indicate a dream might be of a future event. Dreams of the future are a way that our ancestors gathered survival information, such as where to hunt & find edible and healing plants, as well as a way to have contact with loved ones and spirit guides across great distances. As a group we will play a thrilling synchronicity and divination game. We’ll begin by focusing on a specific question we’d like guidance on. After a brief shamanic drum journey to call up imagery, we’ll create a handmade deck of oracle cards, then shuffle the cards and exchange them. Each person will receive a card with a unique message just for them. Participants will walk away with new tools and practices about how to watch the world for signs, symbols and guidance, as well as a solid grasp of Active Dreaming techniques for understanding dream messages, especially as they pertain to dreams of the possible future. Spirit Weavers is a perfect setting for this type of synchronistic exploration!


The Art of Kairomancy will be shared by Tenaya Amelia