The Art of Intimacy and Vulnerability

The Art of Intimacy and Vulnerability

Intimacy – In To Me See… This is something most of us crave, yet when it comes our way we often find ourselves running from it, and retreating into the depths of ourselves to the place of safety.

Let’s join together in sacred sisterhood to dive into the true essence of yourself while in reflection and presence with your sisters.
This experiential class will give you greater skills in being able to relate not only with yourself but also with others.

We will use many sacred temple practices to explore what intimacy is and learn how vulnerability is actually our greatest strength as well as how to communicate what is present for you while in relationship to another. We will remember what our sacred needs are and how to honor them.

We will complete this beautiful ceremonial class with a transfiguration practice that will leave you feeling more present and empowered in the truth of yourself. You will expand your ability to be witnessed and seen, as well as your ability to witness and see another. These skills are intended to support you in connecting more authentically with all of your relations.


The Art of Intimacy and Vulnerability will be shared by Naomi Love.